Why You Should Consider Cloud Computing for Your Business

cloud computing

Whether your business is small or large, making sure you have the correct hardware and software for your needs is a big undertaking. Fortunately, cloud computingĀ is an option, and it’s one that you don’t want to overlook.

In anĀ article posted on USA Today, Eli Blumenthal answers the burning question: “What is Cloud Computing?”

Put simply, cloud computing is the ability to do tasks over the Internet as opposed to having all the hardware and software on the machine that you or your colleagues areĀ working on. The Internet is known as “the cloud” while the software and applications running on the servers representĀ the “computing” portion of the name.

There are three major reasons cloud computing is the perfect solution for your small business.

  1. Cloud computing reduces the need for costly hardware.
  2. Using “the cloud” offers a relatively simple distribution method for software.
  3. With cloud computing, costs can be reduced by eliminating fees to install or upgrade the programs you use.

If you’re working from a network of linked devices, software distribution can be troublesome. Installation on one computer or device is confusing and time-consuming enough, but when you start completing the process in multiples the confusion is exponential. If your software is distributed from the cloud, it can be accessed and installed on all your devices at once.

Most cloud computing services are paid for in subscription form, whether by the month or by the year. Before the cloud, new software installation required paying for the software, then paying for each new upgrade as it was introduced. Depending on update frequency, the old way could become very expensive, very quickly, but when you work from the cloud, upgrades to the software you use are included in your subscription price. This makes budgeting to stay current pretty simple.

Reducing hardware costs, simplifying installation and eliminating recurring fees all add luster to your bottom line, making cloud computing the perfect choice for your small business. To find out more about how you can start experiencing the benefits cloud computing has to offer, contact us to speak with an expert.