Digital Safe, by Avantech, is a fast, reliable, automatic, secure, hybrid backup solution, saving small businesses and small offices/home office from dealing with the mundane, but essential task, of data backup. Digital Safe includes a 28-day retention policy which makes your life easier! No more worrying about on-premise backup failure, or someone forgetting to run backups. The days of lost data are gone! Further, Digital Safe, together with Avantech support services provides your business with a disaster recover solution that meets your recovery time and recovery point objectives.


Backup Multiple Data Sources

  • Backup multiple shared folders with one client
  • Live Exchange backup at the Information Store level using VSS
  • Live SharePoint backup
  • System State backup using VSS
  • Easily select the Files and folders to include in your dataset
  • Backup and restore Virtual Machines on devices running Hyper-V or VMware.
  • Backup databases(Supported databases: Oracle, MySQL, MSSQL)

Data Archiving

Store data as long as you need and set variable retention policies.

For businesses that fall under compliance regulations like HIPAA in the United States or similar regulations in other countries, data archiving is required for compliance. But even if your company isn’t regulated, strong data archiving is still a best practice. A good archive means you can retrieve critical data months or years later even if you thought it was insignificant at the time. Avantech’s cloud-based storage is set up with a mechanism to clean data after the default 28-day retention period. However, we can easily enable archiving of any backup data to help ensure that it stays for you as long as you need.

archive data

Point-In-Time Restoration

Restore or recover a set of data or a particular setting from a time in the past – up to 28 days.

Smart Bandwidth

Our cabinet technology and low delta’s minimize the usage of the connection, both for backup and restore. If the connection fails during backup, backups will automatically continue when the connection is restored. The software can be set to limits the usage of the bandwidth during specific hours.

In traditional cloud-based backup solutions, backups often take a lot of time to perform, degrading your ability to deliver on recovery point objectives. Digital Safe outperforms other data backup solutions with its proprietary True Delta technology, which performs incremental block-level backups that cut backup times by up to 80% and reduce your risk of data loss when you need to restore.

smart bandwidth
restore options

Multiple Restore Options

  • Bare-Metal Recovery
  • Hybrid Cloud Recovery
  • Virtual Machine Creation
  • Virtual Drive Creation
  • Shipped Drive

Military-Grade Security

All data is 256-bit AES encrypted and compressed before being uploaded to our fully audited, highly secure, globally distributed data centers through a secure SSL channel. Before sending, the data is encrypted. No need for an extra secure connection or extra security on your storage. There is no decryption on the server and, even if asked, Avantech is unable to decrypt and read your data. You can rest assured that your data is safe.

disaster recovery team

Disaster Recovery

Our data recovery team will set up your solution and establish a disaster recovery and business continuity plan that meets your recovery point and recovery time objective.

When a disaster occurs, we will ensure a quick and efficient restore.

Let Us be your IT department

Focus on running your business while we manage, maintain, and secure your computer systems and network.