Top 5 Recommended Apps for Small Businesses

small business productivity

small business productivityRunning your own business is a huge endeavor; there is so much to manage and look after, while time is always of the essence. Looking after the different aspects of a small business can become quite a hassle, and if you’re on the move, it can become even more difficult for you to be on your toes and keep track of every little detail regarding your business. To make your life a tad easier and to help you effectively manage the different facets of your business, there are numerous apps available on the market.

We have shortlisted our top 5 most recommended apps for small business to help you stay on-top of all your work.

1.     Producteev

Producteev is an excellent task management app that allows owners/managers of small businesses to assign tasks that need to be done to several individuals, create sub tasks, and a activate privacy settings too. The app is compatible with iPhone, Android, Web, and Mac OS as well. The app has a premium version too, called Producteev Pro, which has advanced features to cater to the needs of a growing business; it allows the users to customize the logo and settings, and even helps to transform Microsoft emails into appointments and tasks.

2.      Evernote

Owners and managers do get an influx of brilliant ideas at the most unusual of times, and if they don’t take them down somewhere, these ideas are usually forgotten. Evernote is a great app that is increasing in popularity tremendously. The app ensures that its users remember everything by allowing them to create data in various forms such as text, images, audio notes, and further store, organize, and share them.

3.     ReceiptBank

A business owner is usually involved in a number of meetings and transactions for business purposes. It is practically not possible to keep track of all the paper receipts, invoices, and bills, to hand them over to a business accountant. The smart way to handle all of these receipts is to install ReceiptBank. This app helps to store and process various receipts by publishing the receipts on your business’ accounting software.

4.     Dropbox

One of the most popular platforms, Dropbox is used by many. It is highly recommended for storing and sharing files, and is highly beneficial for small businesses because it allows them to store and share information on the go.

Check out Dropbox’s quote tool to see how much you will be charged for the app to benefit from its valuable features. You can get an idea about it by going through a free trial, and the best thing about it is that it is compatible with all operating systems.

5.     ToDoIst

A small business manager is usually required to accomplish multiple tasks while attending several meetings, tending to other businesses issues, etc., and thus keeps running from one place to another. Naturally, when you are always on the rush, it becomes difficult to stay ahead of schedule and accomplish tasks on time. ToDoIst is a powerful task manager for personal and business productivity. It lets you manage tasks from your inbox, browser, desktop, or mobile device.

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