Staying Connected, Even When You’re Not: Email Continuity

mail continuity

In a world where it’s no longer necessary to meet clients or submit proposals in person, email has become increasingly important to small business. Having an almost immediate, open line of communication with business contacts can mean the difference between making a deal or breaking it. You rely on electronic communications and a trustworthy network, but what would you do in the event of a sudden or unavoidable interruption in your service? What happens when your network is down with deadlines to meet?

The ability to send and receive messages is critical to your business. Email continuity is just as important to your success. It’s crucial to have a service in place that will allow you access to your email accounts, even when access through your location is limited or non-existent.

While it’s necessary to maintain open access to your email accounts, it’s also important to see what you need to see and filter out what you don’t. An email continuity package that includes a protection plan will help you weed out junk mail, malware, and other potentially harmful correspondence, allowing you to concentrate on what’s beneficial to your business. Your protection plan should match your needs, so you should be able to adjust your settings to tell the system what to allow and what to quarantine. Every business is unique, so look for a protection plan that can be tailored to your business.

To find out more about how email continuity can help insure receipt and delivery of your electronic communications, contact us today.