Keep Your Business Compliant with Email Archiving

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High-quality email archiving is indispensable for a number of reasons. With email archiving, you’re better able to store and manage the enormous volumes of data generated by your emails.

Your emails contain important documents, records of your work, warnings about various problems, sketches of ideas under development, and snapshots of people’s contribution to different initiatives. High-quality archiving means that you can mine the data in a quick, targeted away. Furthermore, archived emails may prove essential for complying with regulations or serving as proof in legal matters.

Are you archiving your emails?

The following are several issues to consider when choosing an email archiving solution:

  • Security. Your company’s emails contain all kinds of revealing information about employees, customers, and business partners. Emails are tempting to cyber criminals who may wish to steal the data or manipulate it in other ways, leading your company to incur steep costs. Keeping the data encrypted and controlling access to it are both important considerations.
  • Reliable backups. The email archive should get backed up in multiple secure locations, so that if an IT disaster strikes in one place, you’ll have copies available elsewhere. (One of the IT nightmares small businesses face is the discovery that the copies of data they assumed they had never existed.)
  • Data integrity. You need assurance that the emails are archived properly, without missing or corrupted data.
  • Scalability and flexibility. Can the solution you’re adopting readily accommodate growing volumes of email? Can you easily make adjustments to how long your company holds on to email messages and the circumstances in which they’re deleted?
  • Purposes of email archiving. Archived emails serve a variety of reasons. Companies may need to meet the requirements of a new regulation, or they may want to analyze a subset of emails for greater insights into customer relationships. The email archiving solution you choose should serve your business objectives and needs.

Emails are a critical resource for your company. Make sure you choose a high-quality solution that you can work with easily and depend on for years.  Check out our e-mail archiving solution at