Improve Your Company’s Cash Flow with Managed Services

managed it support

Your business depends on technology to store sensitive data, process payments, manage sales data, communicate, and more. When your network goes down, every minute of downtime is costing you money. Chances are you call someone to fix the broken issue which requires even more time for the technician to arrive and diagnose the problem in order to repair it. Overall, your downtime could last for hours, if not days.

Time is money so you need your network up and running at all times. A managed services provider such as Avantech will monitor your network 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. This means your network is always up, running, and secure. When your network is performing at its best, you can expect an increase in productivity and revenue. The following are some ways managed IT services can help improve your company’s cash flow.

Costs are Predictable

The issue with the “it’s broke, fix it” method of operating is that each time you call someone, there is no way to know how severe the damage is or how long it will take to repair. Before you know it, costs have grown out of control. Outsourcing to IT managed services provides you with a fixed amount that you pay on a monthly basis. When your IT costs are predictable, you are better able to allocate money towards the growth of your business.


Network updates are an important part of maintenance that takes extra time and resources to complete. When these updates fall by the wayside, small issues can turn into major problems that can result in downtime. A managed service provider will ensure all updates are always completed and keep your network running smoothly which means less downtime.

Backing Up Data

Disaster can strike at any time and if your business suffers from a loss of data, you are at risk of losing tons of money trying to recover. Even worse, without any data backups, your business could face complete closure. Managed IT services can create a backup and recovery plan so your business can continue to operate should a disaster occur. This saves thousands of dollars on recovery efforts and keeps your business from having to close its doors.

Don’t let technology issues impact your company’s cash flow. Consider using a managed services provider to keep your network up and running. Your business will experience a boost in productivity and revenue.