Combating “Ransomware” with Effective Mobile Device Management

ransomeware protection

As cybercriminals grow bolder and more sophisticated, the need for more advanced IT security measures increases. The growing proliferation of mobile devices and their use as business tools compounds this issue, as IT departments struggle to manage and protect the growing variety of mobile platforms with direct access to company networks and databases.

The threat is far from theoretical. Earlier this year, a Hollywood, California hospital was forced to pay a ransom to unlock computer systems which had been “frozen” by malware.  While it’s thought that the malicious program infected the hospital’s systems via attachments embedded in a corporate email, the risk is quickly evolving to threaten systems by exposing poorly protected mobile devices.

Shortly after the successful ransomware attack on the Hollywood hospital, a new strain of malware targeting older Android devices appeared. The idea was similar: lock up the user’s device, then offer to unlock it for a price. And while this incident showcases the vulnerability of older operating systems running on mobile devices, cybercriminals are always searching for new ways to infect current platforms.

It is essential to have an effective mobile device management protocol in place to ensure devices which have access to corporate systems are secure. For many smaller and medium-sized business, this means that an experienced third party can more effectively handle Mobile Device Management (MDM). A dedicated partner with knowledge and resources for properly managing mobile devices in the workplace increases IT security and productivity while maximizing ROI.

As a cyber security and IT support provider, Avantech offers deep expertise in MDM.