Cloud Computing for Business Success

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It is a fact that cloud computing can and has changed the way the world works. And if only your business could keep up with the way that cloud computing has changed the way the world works, you’d be far better off. But understanding what cloud computing can do for you and your business can be a tricky thing. Cloud computing has existed for a lot longer than most people think, and modern businesses can learn a lot about how cloud computing works from the history of educational institutions.

Cloud computing refers simply to the process of storing and processing data on a computer other than the one on which you are working at the moment. There are advantages to this approach:

Mobility: cloud computing allows users to pick up their work from any terminal that is connected and authorized on the network

Sharing: cloud computing allows all users with access to connect to the same work, removing duplication of documents and effort

Portability: need to present your documents at a staff meeting or board meeting? No problem. Cloud computing allows you to pull the most current version of the file from the server and, in some cases, present live updates as they happen

Security: both a pro and a con for cloud computing is the ability and necessity of embedding security, but cloud computing is potentially more secure than traditional computing

Reactivity: with cloud computing, and cloud-based applications, your software packages and presentations can react autonomously to data from the internet without user input

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