An IT Security Strategy Every Business Should Have

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Businesses across all industry types are relying on their network for data storage, cloud computing, and more. Businesses that rely on their network must also take the necessary precautions to defend themselves against cyber security threats such as viruses, worms, and trojans. These threats are waiting to exploit weaknesses in your network. A security breach can cost your business hours of downtime and lost revenue. The following IT security strategy can ensure the safety of your network.

Antivirus Protection

All workstations and laptops should have antivirus software installed. Antivirus software is a first line of defense against computer viruses, malware, and more. Without antivirus protection, your business is at risk of virus attacks which can lead to lost or stolen data.

Data Backup Plan

Many companies understand how important it is to back up data but many do not have a data backup strategy in place. If a disaster should strike and your company’s data is lost, recovering is extremely difficult. A loss of data halts productivity, ruins trust with your clients, and can cost thousands of dollars to repair. A managed services provider can provide a data backup and recovery plan that protects your data 24 hours a day.

Firewall Protection

Your IT network should never be without a firewall. A firewall helps to protect your network against incoming cyber security threats. It monitors incoming and outgoing traffic and checks for any potential hazards to your network. It needs monitoring 24 hours a day by IT experts who can spot any suspicious activity. Having a firewall will greatly reduce the risk of hackers accessing your network.

Email Security

Hackers often use email as a way to access a network. Phishing attacks are easy ways for hackers to bypass common security measures. A phishing email can appear to come from someone in your organization. The messages try to trick users into downloading malicious files or sharing sensitive information. Managed IT services can integrate a spam blocking solution that can stop phishing emails from reaching anyone’s inbox.

Having an IT security strategy in place can save your business time and money. Proactive system protection from a managed services provider can provide worry-free IT solutions so you can focus on your business.