5 Reasons Why Your Business Needs Data Backup in the Cloud

cloud data backup

cloud backupEvery day your business is vulnerable to security threats. Without an online data backup plan, you could risk a significant amount of data loss. It is difficult for a business to recover from data loss if there is no backup in place. Online data backup is something all businesses should do, but not all businesses are doing it. Data backup in the cloud can protect your data from data loss threats. The following are five possible ways in which a business can experience data loss.

File deletions – You and your staff update and delete files on a daily basis. Data loss occurs because there aren’t any proper procedures in place for backing up files. Regular file backups can save important data that is inadvertently deleted by you or another staff member.

Viruses and malware – All office computers are vulnerable to virus attacks. Viruses can affect computer operating systems and damage the data stored on the computer. Having data backups makes data accessible after a virus attack.

Failing hardware – Computer hardware can fail at any time. It is often difficult to retrieve data when a hardware failure occurs. Data backups save critical data when hardware issues occur.

Loss of Power – A sudden power loss can affect computer hardware and software. Sometimes the sudden loss of power can cause data loss. Your online data backup adds peace of mind for recovering lost data.

Stolen Computers – When you or staff members are on the go, it is all too easy to lose a laptop or even have one stolen. The situation becomes less stressful when you know your data is safe in the cloud.

Data loss can halt a company’s operations. In some cases, they are unable to recover. While you cannot prevent any of these situations from happening to your business, you can protect your data by having an online data backup plan.