5 Factors to Consider When Comparing Cloud Backup Services

backup to the cloud

In an age where data loss and hacking headlines seem to crop up every single day, it is no surprise that more and more businesses of every size are using cloud backup services to protect their data. If you’re in the market for a cloud backup service, you will quickly find there are a huge number of vendors to choose from. Here are 5 factors to consider when comparing vendors.


It’s very possible you don’t know exactly how much storage you need. Even if you do, it’s a near certainty that this amount will increase over time. By choosing a service which offers flexible solutions your storage can expand as your needs do, whether this means an unlimited plan or the ability to easily and quickly increase your storage level. A side note to this is to make sure you know how/if your chosen service will help with migrating your data if you no longer need the service or want to transfer to a different vendor.


There are myriad different plans out there, and nearly as many different pricing models. Think about what you can afford, which features you need, and what type of plan you want. Do you need a plan that offers unlimited users? Do you want to pay per GB for unlimited or a flat rate for a capped amount? Annual or Monthly payment? What contract length are you willing to sign up for?


How safe will your data be? You will want to make sure your data is adequately encrypted both at rest on the cloud servers and when it is being transferred. What kind of redundancy does the service offer? Some store data in multiple facilities located across the country, while others simply have redundant copies in the same location.


Do they offer the customer support most viable for you (phone, email, live chat, etc)? What kind of reputation do they have for support? Do they offer tutorials and onboarding support? This will vary widely by company, so be ready to find your own solutions to problems if you go with a vendor with a reputation for poor support.


What standards does the vendor comply to? If your industry requires compliance you must choose a provider that adheres to it. Even if your industry has no relevant compliance requirements, looking for providers that comply to regulations such as PCI and HIPAA is a good way to ensure the utmost privacy and security for your data.

Acquiring cloud backup for your data is an important step for the digital security of any business. It is well worth spending the time to pick the right one for your needs.