3 Advantages of Bring Your Own Device (BYOD)

bring your own device

Bring your own device, typically shortened to BYOD, is a philosophy that says there’s no reason to assign work devices to employees if they already own an applicable device. So instead of having a work phone, a work laptop, or a work tablet, employees who already have those devices can simply use what they own for their work needs as well. While there have been criticisms of companies that institute BYOD policies, there are some undeniable benefits of embracing them.

Advantage #1: Cost

Perhaps the biggest advantage to bring your own device policies is that they save employers a lot of money. If there’s no need to buy a new device for every employee you recruit, then that’s a much smaller budget you need to ensure everyone has the right technology at their fingertips.

Advantage #2: Familiarity

Most people know their own technology a lot better than they would know a new device. By asking someone to use their own phone, tablet, etc., an employer is going to have fewer problems in terms of a learning curve among their employees.

Advantage #3: Lack of Redundancy

There’s nothing more irritating than trying to balance a half-dozen devices when you could do your job more efficiently with just one. BYOD policies allow employees to use a single device for work and pleasure, instead of making them keep track of two (or more) devices. The fewer devices employees have to keep track of, the easier their work lives will become.