mobile device management

With the proliferation of smart mobile devices in the workplace, either company or employee owned, there is now an expectation to monitor and manage these phones and tablets in addition to servers, workstations and laptops.

To meet this requirement we have introduced Mobile Device Management (MDM) which offers the ability monitor and secure mobile devices and tablets, including device ownership and handset details, location tracking (Operating System dependent), remotely locking and setting passcodes, remotely wiping devices, configuring detailed security settings, monitoring for data usage, and more.

Our Mobile Device Management service supports Apple iOS, Google Android, and Microsoft Windows Phone devices and tablets.


Use Cases

How secure are your business mobile devices? What if they were lost or stolen? Can you guarantee people aren’t accessing your private company data? Mobile Device Management brings peace of mind.


“I didn’t want employees using their own mobile as I was worried about data security”

“As a small business we find it very difficult to track usage of mobile devices”

“We have a mix of company and employee devices accessing our business systems with no control”


“Employees can now use their own devices to work more flexibly which makes our business more efficient”

“Mobile Device Management gives us the data we need to make crucial efficiency savings”

“We now have policies and protocols in place to allow the safe use of a complete range of devices”

For $10 per device per month, we’ll manage your devices so you can work in more flexible and secure ways

Choose mobile device management when you subscribe to our support plans.

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