IT Services: Training Eliminates Tech Confusion in Your Small Business

managed it servicesYour small business is possibly seeking some affordable IT services so you have guaranteed protection from cyber threats and efficiency in keeping things running smoothly. Out of all services, you perhaps never thought you’d find an option where immediate training support is available. It’s needed when office technologies are new to you and your employees. Once you acquire those technologies, it’s inevitable you’ll have some confusion in learning how to use them.

The last thing you want is having everyone so befuddled about how to use specific tech in your office that it leads to dreaded downtime. Experiencing the latter is the worst liability for a small business and only leads to financial losses.

So how do you teach your employees about some of the latest technologies without taking too much time? With mobile devices and numerous apps in wide use, it’s easy to get lost without someone there to solve problems. Here at Avantech, we’ve developed the best way to do this without being obstructive: Hi-def remote conferencing.

However, it isn’t the only way to get training in a hurry through our Training Room solution.

Easy Methods of Training

We know many of your employees are likely out in the field with mobile devices and likely need technical training while traveling. Through our training room, you can reach us through different means. You’ll have phone access through an international number we provide in case you or your employees are out of the country. You also have web access via your smartphone or tablet.

All phone access is toll-free so you won’t have to worry about extra charges you can’t afford. Regardless, you’ll love our HD video conferencing feature. When you need multiple employees in on a training session, it’s easily possible through a screen share option. When video isn’t available, integrated chats are the next best thing.

With our training room you and your employees won’t get stumped with tech problems again. And if you need an IT issue solved, we’re there as well whenever you need us through remote computer support.

Avantech’s IT training solution is offered on all available plans.