Is Technology Lulling You Into Working Too Remotely?

Between the dazzle of contemporary communication technology and the need to keep overhead low, entrepreneurs risk underestimating the value of meeting clients face to face.


Technology has helped small businesses compete with large enterprises.  With enterprise-like cloud services such as Google Apps for Work and Microsoft Office 365, remote work has become common place.

Every day, our team utilizes cloud based technologies for communication and collaboration. ¬†While our team is very efficient and productive because of these technologies, it’s difficult to get a sense of “team” without the physical interaction. ¬†Most of the work we accomplish is remote because we are a remote tech support company. ¬†While meeting clients face to face may not benefit us, it could affect your small businesses bottom line. ¬†For example, an insurance agent may be less likely to sell insurance via Skype as effective as she could in person.

Do your small business utilize technology for remote work?  Let us know in the comments below.