Data Backup for Your Small Business: Digital Safe is Your Safety Net from Disasters

online backupData backup is likely always on your mind as you run your small business, yet taking action perhaps turns into hints of complacency. It’s easy to sweep away any thoughts of disasters happening to you if they’ve never happened before. Even those who’ve experienced disasters previously and somehow kept their business afloat may think they’ve dodged a bullet that won’t happen again.

The randomness of disaster in businesses is quite clear. Yet, the statistics show that when businesses don’t have a backup plan with their data, they lose bigtime money. Most recently, statistics showed an average data breach costs businesses around $3.5 million. Data loss is even worse considering the data you lose could be 90% or more of what makes your business run.

Whether these disasters are the result of human error or from nature, you need a decent backup service for easy retrieval of data when disasters occur. Online backup is becoming a standard in the industry now, and so is the cloud.

Here at Avantech, we’ve combined the best elements of online storage into our new Digital Safe. It’s a convenient method of storage that saves your data as it’s created. We’ve also designed it so it operates quietly in the background while focusing on your top concern: Security.

Top-Level Security and Convenient Features

No doubt when you search for data backup options, your main concern is security. After all the kerfuffle about cloud security in recent years and in other data backup methods, we tend to forget that any breaches are the result of human error. With proper design, you won’t have your data compromised.

We guarantee this through our Digital Safe. Plus, we help ease your mind on what happens to your data as it travels from your computer devices to storage. Using 128-bit encryption, it’s the best available encryption method in the industry so no one sees your data in transit.

With this in mind, you’ll be able to use Digital Safe on any of your computers, including all your laptops out in the field. When you need to restore particular data after a major disaster, you’ll access it wherever you have an Internet connection.

To find out more details about our Digital Safe offering click here. It’s time you focus on proper backup with full security attention so you’ll never have to worry about the unexpected again.