Computer Support Doesn’t Have to Get in Your Way: Why Remote Support is Better

Before the age of the cloud and Internet, computer support used to come in a form only done on-site with an IT team on your payroll. If you remember those days in your business, then you know you either had to wait to get something repaired or have your computers tied up for hours while repair was underway. When something went wrong and your IT staff had to take over your desktops, this only created downtime as a result.

Today, we all know downtime is the worst enemy of any small business. Statistics late this last year show that downtime costs businesses $1.7 trillion per year. This includes data loss from computer failures that only creates more downtime when your computer needs on-site repair.

remote computer supportBe glad your business exists in the 21st century, because remote computer support is so much better in the things it provides. Here at Avantech, we offer an efficient remote computer support solution that means you’ll never have to worry about us getting in your way during an important work moment.

How does this kind of computer support work? Also, what can we do to fix things without you sometimes even noticing anything went wrong?

Our Thorough Support for All Tech in Your Office

We work on a rigid schedule when it comes to the computer support you need. It works very similarly to a managed service since we use preventative measures so the worst threats don’t happen in the first place.

Through our ongoing maintenance solution, we do vulnerability checks on your network so we see what needs attention. We’ll clean up files that clog your system so you don’t have slowdowns on your computer when you’re working on a critical project.

On a monthly basis we do regular tune-ups on your OS to keep things operating efficiently. However, we take care of more complex issues along the way and if you need immediate computer support.

As part of our remote service, you only have to summon us online to get quick support for any tech in your office. This means we’ll take care of anything wrong with your computers, printers, mobile devices, or even peripherals.

In most cases, we’ll fix things without you even knowing it, or just put preventative measures in place so they never happen. It’s extremely convenient in a time when faster Internet allows better remote services so you save time, money, and office space.

Contact us here at Avantech so we can help your small business keep running efficiently so you focus on making money over dreading losses.