Small Business IT Support: The Importance of Network Monitoring


network_monitoringNetwork monitoring and alerting software can help maximize your company’s network uptime and efficiency. They are powerful tools that your managed small business it support provider can use to monitor your network performance. A managed IT provider can monitor your computer equipment and quickly identify any issues that arise.

The Importance of Monitoring Your Network

There are various reasons for monitoring your network. For one, it will optimize and improve network reliability. IT technicians are able to troubleshoot device and traffic issues immediately. Monitoring is a preventative measure that decreases operational downtime which improves overall revenue. Below are some of the best reasons to use a network monitoring system.

Improve Network Reliability

One of the most basic features of network monitoring is discovering when a device such as a router, server, etc. is working or not. The last thing you want is to field phone calls to explain why there are performance issues. It is best to stay proactive by maintaining an overall healthy network.


Network monitoring identifies any devices that are having problems and causing issues. This limits downtime and the time needed for IT technicians to track down the issue. Before an end-user has to report a problem, network monitoring alerts the IT support team that there is an issue to diagnose and fix before any end users are aware of an issue.

Smooth Operations

Network monitoring helps to ensure all mission critical security systems are performing at their best. When your network is running smoothly with little downtime, it also increases productivity which increases profits.

As you can see, network monitoring is a critical IT function that can save your company money and keep employee productivity high. Help reduce the negative impact of possible IT issues by employing network monitoring through a managed IT service provider such as Avantech.