Tips to increase the security of your laptop

Many people use their laptops to get work done away from home or away from the office. Or, maybe you take your laptop with you for entertainment while traveling. The increased growth of portable computing has made laptops a big target for theft.

Follow these tips to keep your laptop more secure when you’re on the road:

Avoid using computer bags

Computer bags make it obvious that you’re carrying a laptop. Try carrying your laptop in something more common such as a laptop backpack, or suitcase.

Never leave passwords or any other sensitive information in your carrying case

Keeping your password with your laptop makes it easy for a theif to access your personal or corporate information.

Carry your laptop with you

Always keep your laptop with you when you travel. It’s easy to lose luggage, and just as easy to lose your laptop.

Keep an eye on your laptop

When you go through security points, don’t lose sight of your bag. Many bags may look like yours and can easily be lost in the shuffle. While using your laptop, avoid leaving it sitting at a station, desk, or seat.

Purchase a security safe

Many hotels and airports offer a secure box or locker to store your sensitive or valuable items. Utilize this to keep your laptop and other valuables safe from fire and theft.

Purchase laptop security

As an added measure, if your laptop is stolen, you could purchase security software such as LoJack for Laptops. This software traces your laptop anywhere it goes, increasing the probability of authorities recovering your laptop should it be stolen.

Use a screen guard

Screen guards help prevent people from peeking over your shoulder as you work on sensitive information in a public area. This screen gaurd from 3m is an example of a screen guard you could use.

Follow these tips and you can avoid laptop theft. However, if your laptop is stolen, report the theft to local authorities and your companies IT department immediately.