How To Create A Strong Password

passwordNowadays, we conduct pretty much all of our business online. As internet users, we use dozens of web based applications and we often rely on these tools to get work done. With online banking, online tax filing, and more, it is absolutely crucial that you do everything you can to protect your information. One of the basic components of protecting your data is choosing a good password.
We believe that a good password is not something that you can easily remember. Using a password that cannot be easily remembered minimizes the number of places that it could be written down or otherwise recorded. The most memorable passwords are the easiest to crack, while the most secure are a jumble of characters. Here are some steps you can take to create a secure password.

Use Phrases. Most of us can easily remember actual words and phrases than random assortments of letters and numbers. Using just one word is less secure than using more than one word. Certain methods of hacking passwords include running what’s called a dictionary hack in which a software runs through combinations of letters and numbers until the password is cracked. Using phrases, especially if it includes numbers and other characters, makes it significantly harder to guess.

Use a minimum of eight characters. Longer passwords are better. Many sites requires you to have at least six characters, and some require eight characters. If you can make it longer, you should.

Don’t use personal details. If someone wants to gain access to your personal accounts, details like your phone number, employment details and important dates in your life will be among the first passwords typically tried. Instead, try to use something unrelated to you.

Create a password storage book. Purchase a small notebook and dedicate that book strictly to passwords. Write your passwords down and store the book in a secure, fireproof safe. Remember to keep it locked up!

Here is an example of an unsecure, secure, very secure, and extremely secure password:

Unsecure: mytechteam

Secure: !myt3chteam!

Very Secure: [email protected]@[email protected]

Extremely Secure: [email protected]#[email protected][email protected]%[email protected]^n3t$_bl0G=

Extremely secure is the way we like to go. You should try to at least create a secure password.