Help Your Startup Achieve Success with Managed Services

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Startups in all industries face an uphill battle when it comes to achieving success. The harsh reality is that nine out of ten startups will fail due to a variety of reasons. One major cause of failure is running out of working capital. Many startups depend on their IT infrastructure for their day-to-day operations. However, the upfront costs of maintaining an in-house data center is financially overwhelming for any startup. Many businesses are realizing the financial advantages of outsourcing their IT needs to a managed services provider. The below explains how managed services can help your startup achieve success.

How Managed Services Benefits Startups

Many startups burn through their working capital on their IT needs alone. They buy high-end servers, hardware, and other network devices as part of their IT infrastructure. Then there is the cost associated with hiring full-time IT technicians to manage the network. In the end, an in-house data center is extremely expensive to maintain. With managed services, the upfront costs associated with hardware and software are easily eliminated. Instead of buying expensive equipment, the managed services provider leases out their hardware and tech support for a fixed monthly fee. This allows startups to reserve their working capital for other business purposes.

Enterprise Level Support

Managed services can also save money on IT support and maintenance. Employing an in-house team of IT technicians to maintain a network is out of reach financially for many startups. Often times, one person on staff is responsible for maintaining the network on top of their day-to-day job duties. Relying on one person to maintain your network is a huge risk. When issues occur, your network can go down for hours or days which means a loss in productivity and revenue. Outsourcing your IT maintenance to a professional team of technicians will help ensure your hardware is properly maintained. They will monitor your network 24 hours a day and catch cyber security threats before they can harm your network.

Managed services can benefit businesses of all sizes. However, startups may experience more of the benefits due to the cost-effectiveness of outsourcing IT maintenance. Many startups run on a limited budget and cannot afford to have IT professionals on staff. Managed services can provide the IT help you need to manage your network without breaking your budget.