The Disadvantages of the Break-Fix Approach Versus Managed Services

break fix vs managed services

In the past, managed services were out of reach financially for many small business owners. The easiest option for resolving IT issues was to call in an IT specialist to fix the problem. This reactive solution is still used today and is commonly referred to as the break-fix approach. This approach is not ideal for the long-term. The following points will outline why managed services a far superior solution to the break-fix model.

What is the Break-Fix Approach?

The break-fix approach is the process of calling in an IT specialist when something goes wrong with your network. This can include any computer problems, virus or malware attacks, and more. The huge disadvantage to this approach are the costs. Each time you call in an IT specialist, you never know how long it will take to fix the issue nor how much it will cost. Keep in mind that these specialists get paid by the hour so the longer they are working on your problem, the more money they make. They are not concerned about working quickly or efficiently. They are merely providing a temporary fix for a problem that may have a deeper issue. These unpredictable costs can quickly eat away at your budget.

Another disadvantage with the break-fix model is the downtime your business experiences. When your network is down, it costs you money. Your staff is unproductive, and your customers become frustrated. Constant downtime can cost thousands of dollars per year and hundreds of hours in lost productivity.

Managed Services is The Better Approach

The managed services approach is a far better solution for any business. It is a proactive solution that involves constant monitoring of your network 24 hours a day. IT technicians detect issues before they develop into larger problems that could result in hours of downtime. The biggest plus to managed services are the fixed costs. You can easily work IT costs right into your budget as it is the same each month regardless of how much support you need.

Your business depends on a reliable and secure network. Consider how much you spend on calling in IT consultants on a monthly basis. If you are ready to save money and improve the efficiency of your network, then managed services is the best solution for the long-term growth of your business.