Data Backup: What Should I Be Backing Up?

data backup

computer crash no backupYour screen goes black and suddenly your computer won’t turn back on. You break into a cold sweat thinking of all the important documents and pictures you have saved on your hard drive. You will almost always get asked if you backed your data up, and unfortunately for most people, the thought of backing up comes too late.

Small businesses store more and more important information on computers as each year passes, and they get more reliant on the technology around us.  While the help of technology is a great thing, it’s always best to have a backup of the items you feel are important for your small business.

Here is a list of what you should back up:

  • Your important documents: employee agreements, Resumes, spreadsheets, your address lists, any documents which, if lost, would make it difficult for you to recover.
  • Application data: Information stored on calendars, emails, browser folders and bookmarks.
  • Photos: You don’t want to lose all the pictures you have stored of your first year in business or any other memories.  These memories can be cherished again and again with the proper storage backup.
  • Videos: Movies and videos take up a lot of space, and backing them up may not seem worth it, but you will surely miss them if you lose them in a system crash.  Consider backing up surveillance videos.
  • Music: Keeping music available on a cloud drive makes it easy to switch up your playlists, and download the songs you’re into now without losing the ones that you like to come back to.

Remember these key things when setting up your data backup program.