5 Easy Ways To Improve Your IT Security

IT Security

Part of keeping your network secure is by following and enforcing security best practices. If such best practices were properly enforced, many of the high-profile cyber attacks of major companies could have been easily avoided. It is not difficult to teach your organization how to follow security best practices. The below are some simple steps your business can take to help improve your IT security.

Change Passwords Frequently

Password security is an easy first defense against cyber security threats. Everyone in your organization should use different passwords for each of their account logins. Hard to guess passwords are the strongest and should consist of lower-case and upper-case letters, numbers, and symbols. It is also best practice to have everyone change their passwords on a regular basis.

Restrict Access to Sensitive Information

Not everyone needs access to sensitive information such as employee records or payroll information. This type of information should only be accessible by management and HR staff. Limiting access to sensitive data is another safety measure to prevent important information from being exposed through unauthorized channels.

Upgrade and Patch Software

It is likely that you use various types of software. Software needs updating and patching quite often in order to prevent hackers from accessing your network.

Ensure Basic Security Measures are In Place

Having the basic security measures in place is part of any good IT security strategy. The most basic security measures can include antivirus software, firewalls, spam filters, and more. Although these technologies do not completely eliminate threats, they can help drastically limit them.

Monitor Access Logs on a Regular Basis

Access logs keep track of who accesses your network and when they access it. With several users on the network at any given time, it is important to watch who signs in and where. Any suspicious activity is easier to catch by monitoring these logs on a regular basis.

While these security best practices are basic, enforcing them can greatly improve your network’s security. Managed services is an ideal solution for businesses that need round the clock IT support.