3 Hidden Features in Office 365

office 365 for business

Office 365 is that handy cloud-based version of Office that businesses pay for on subscription either monthly or annually. What makes it so unique even for cloud-based software is that you have access to it on the cloud and install it on your PC, which allows Microsoft to constantly upgrade it with new features as long as you keep paying for it. Even if you are not constantly learning about new features, there still might be some things about Office 365 that you probably didn’t know.

Multiple People Can Edit the Same Document

This isn’t your parent’s Microsoft Office. Like the coveted Google docs, with Office 365, you can have multiple people working on the same document in Word, PowerPoint, or Excel at the same time. You can see any changes in real-time and see who is making them. This co-authoring feature makes it easy to get big collaborative projects done efficiently.

Let Excel Flash Fill

Long time Excel users will already the power of its Fill Down command, but the Office 365 version comes with something better – Flash Fill. Flash Fill takes whatever you were doing and does it for you, which sounds like a recipe for disaster, but it actually works out. Say you are changing information spread across two columns and moving it into one column. After just one change, you can choose to Flash Fill everything below it.

Turn Notes into Deadlines

You may know that you can use OneNote, the Microsoft note-taking tool, to take notes while in Outlook, but what you might not have known is that you can take your notes and turn them into calendar events with deadlines and reminders so that you’ll never forget a meeting or an important date again.